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The Gates Of Heaven And Hell

Lake Champlain is massive. It also happens to be about 100 yards from my recording studio, Accelerated Entropy Studios. The lake rarely freezes these days, but the winter of 2012/2013 brought extreme cold along with it's usual silence and froze the lake solid. During a brutal blizzard I hauled a rocking chair, guitar, and camera into the wintry tableau on the ice. I fought about an hour of the freezing wind and snow before the storm's malevolence chased me off the lake. After I thawed out, I realized that the cold on the ice had frozen and shut down my camera, leaving me with very little footage. This video is proof that sometimes when you throw it against the wall, it sticks.

God Damn Blues

God Damn Blues (4min), shot by Michelle Kowalski, is a continuous shot exposing a “moment in the life” of a New Orleans musician. Filmed in Johnny Azari’s Bourbon St. apartment during a listless day of day drinking with friends, the video lends a glimpse into the reality of a broke, unloved, unknown, unrelenting DIY blues man. Azari is currently on his third national tour. 


All Night Train

"All Night Train" marks the release of Johnny Azari's eighth music video. Like almost all of his videos, he made most, if not all of it, by himself, alone and confused. There is a hot girl in this video. She was impossible to work with, but she is hot, so it's cool. The song is from Mr. Azari's third LP, "God Damn Blues," available on most internets besides iTunes, Pandora, & Spotify, because those companies are the worst. That said, Mr. Azari concedes, he will probably eventually have to make it available through those outlets as well.


Written, performed, recorded, shot, and directed by: Johnny Azari

Co-conspirator & Editor: Benjamin S. Wolf

Dancer: Farrah Rose

*Synopsis written by Johnny Azari's publicist, Johnny Azari.


Johnny has been kidnapped by a cruel, bacon-loving assailant played by Laila Elise. Jamie Elizabeth must brave the elements, and a hangover, to rescue her man in this twisted and bizarre music video. 


Directed, shot, & edited

by Archer Wescott and Johnny Azari


"Loyalty" written and record

by Johnny Azari

Drums by Lucas Leto



Alexandra Elisabeth, is the true hero here. She let me bury her with the snakes and the bugs in an eight-hour shoot that stretched through the night and into the dawn.  The idea for this video came from a portrait I have always had in my mind; the portrait of the artist. Often the endeavor of creation, the act of pushing back the circumference of limitation, the struggle to remain graceful in the face of failure and obscurity, can feel like burying oneself. I think that is what this video is about… that or a hot girl offing herself in the pale moonlight.

The Devil's Daughter

Shot and Directed by Johnny Azari

Rabid Bitch Blues
How The West Was One

I’m proud to announce the release of another music video I made for you. “How The West Was One,” features my New Orleans crew, Pretty Party.  We shot this in a binge of binge the three days I was home and we think it’s all the good weirds for you. Enjoy 


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