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"Illusions & Mirrors" (trailer)

Director: Shirin Neshat

Starring: Natalie Portman

Cinematographer: Darius Khondji
Music & Sound: Johnny Azari

I had the distinct honor of leaving the underground for a moment to do the music and sound design for "Illusions & Mirrors" - a short film by  visual artist and film maker Shirin Neshat, a winner of both the Silver and Gold Lion awards. The film stars Academy Award winning actress Natalie Portman, and was shot by Academy Award Nominee Darius Khondji. What the hell was I doing with these mega talents? The world may never know. However, I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity and most happy to share the work with you. The piece was commissioned by Dior and will be permiered at Grand Palais November 12, 2013


Oblivion is an experimental look at the state of illusion and void in America today. It takes the viewer from the decadent self-celebration of Chelsea art openings and the worship of the cast iron idols of capitalism to discarded people spent like cigarette butts on the streets. Narrated by a digital voice reciting the poem, Oblivion, by Johnny Azari

Shot, Edited, and Directed by Johnny Azari


I shot this film at the Watermill Institute, where I had the privilege to work on a play for Performa. During my stay I was left breathless by the architecture and landscape design of the grounds. Unable to find anyone who wanted to act in my script-less film, I casted myself. With only a tripod and some real serious sunlight I let chance tell the story for me. Upon completion of the piece I realized I shot my self-portrait, unknowingly. This film is a comment on the prison of our minds and questions the possibility of escape.

Shot, Edited, and Directed by Johnny Azari

"What Is A Saint"

Prose by Leonard Cohen

Film by Johnny Azari.

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