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The Singles (5min each)

Full Album (70min)

Description & Bio

Fuccboi 4 The Status-quo is an album that challenges the status quo of politically correct ideology. Hitting on both sides of the aisle, Azari‘s aim is to unite conservatives and liberals in the beheading of John Mayer. It’s also an album about how a brown dude wound up adopting a white baby. And what comedy album would be complete without a story of getting thrown out of a whore house in Nevada, so it’s got that too.

Johnny Azari (Brooklyn) is an Iranian-American comedian and has been on tour since 2015. Azari has appeared on “Weekly Riff” (Fuse) & “Crime Report” (Compound Media), performs in NYC when he isn’t on tour, and produces “Free Speech Comedy,” a Brooklyn based show. Azari delivers a high-energy act about life on the road, ten years as an almost-famous rock & roller, and political/social satire. Johnny has headlined in 15 states, released his first album, "The Revolution Will Be Hilarious," in 2017. He recorded his second album, “Fuccboi 4 The Status-quo,” during his Mis·di·rec·tion Tour and is set for release Fall, 2019.  

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