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 "Azari’s comedy is precisely observed yet delivered with a breezy, bluesy air, in the tradition of Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and other ruthless truthtellers who came before" - Nola Defender

Johnny Azari (Brooklyn) is an Iranian-American comedian. In his former life, he was a blues musician who scored films starring Natalie Portman and Kate Blanchett. He threw that away to pursue comedy because he’s an idiot. Building a comedy career up over the last five years he’s managed to appear on “Weekly Riff” (Fuse) & “Crime Report” (Compound Media), perform in NYC clubs when he isn’t on tour, and produces “Free Speech Comedy,” a Brooklyn based show. Azari delivers a high-energy act about life on the road, ten years as an almost-famous rock & roller, and political/social satire. Johnny has headlined in 15 states, released his first album, "The Revolution Will Be Hilarious," in 2017, and his second album, "Fuccboi 4 The Status-quo,' in Oct 2019. Azari is currently working on his third hour that he hopes to film if he can trick a media outlet into giving him money. 


"Combining a bad boy persona with a social commentary spin that cats like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin made iconic to their comedic brand, Azari is saying things that he hopes will resonate beyond punchlines." - TrunkSpace

photo credit: Aaron Ryskiewicz

3min super fast super fun clip

Proper 8min Booking Clip

30min headline set

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