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Johnny Azari (Brooklyn) is an Iranian-American comedian. In his former life, he was a blues musician who scored films starring Natalie Portman and Kate Blanchett. He threw that away to pursue comedy because he’s an idiot. Building a comedy career over the last six years he’s managed to appear on “Weekly Riff” (Fuse) & “Crime Report” (Compound Media), perform in NYC clubs when he isn’t on tour, and produces “Free Speech Comedy,” a Brooklyn based show.
NBC News interviewed him about cancel culture and has not released it. Is it because he did nothing but shit talk the corporate oligarchy and call the digital hoard their puppets? Is it because the journalist just had a baby and went on maternity leave?  Who's to say. 
 Azari delivers a high-energy act about life on the road, ten years as an almost-famous rock & roller, and political/social satire. Johnny has performed in 32 states, headlined in 15, released his first album, "The Revolution Will Be Hilarious," in 2017, and his second album, "Fuccboi 4 The Status-quo,' in Oct 2019. Azari is currently working on his third hour that he hopes to film if he can trick a media outlet into giving him money. 

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