Comedy Bio:

Johnny Azari (Brooklyn) is an Iranian-American comedian and has been on tour since 2015. Azari has appeared on “Weekly Riff” (Fuse) & “Crime Report” (Compound Media). When he isn’t on tour he performs in NYC clubs and produces “Free Speech Comedy” a Brooklyn based show. Azari delivers a high-energy act about life on the road, ten years as an almost-famous rock & roller, and political/social satire. Johnny has headlined 15 states, performed in seven comedy festivals, and released two full length albums, "The Revolution Will Be Hilarious," (2017) & “Fuccboi 4 The Status-quo,” (2019).

Music Bio:

Johnny Azari (Brooklyn) plays his own mutant form of the Mississippi Delta-Blues. His live shows blend music with storytelling. Azari has been on national tour since 2013, performed on Fox, NPR, WWOZ, and recorded his fourth LP, "Songs From A Motel Room,"  exclusively in motels during his 2016 tour. Azari has scored film (“Illusions & Mirrors,” starring Natalie Portman), served as guest lecturer and performer at Brown University and seen two of his songs, “Occupation Blues” and “Freedom Glory Be Our Name” gain viral success.


Philosophical Bio:

Johnny Azari was born in Shiraz, a city known for wine, poetry, wine, and revolution. At a year old, he was relocated to a city known as New York; noted for grit, madness, and proliferation, where he was raised. When Johnny isn't on tour, he lives in Brooklyn writing comedy and producing music. These things have no influence on him whatsoever.


Resentful Bio: 

Johnny Azari has been on tour for 6 years straight and has done over 200,000 miles of shows. His act is a mix of Mississippi Delta Blues & standup comedy. Despite having scored films starring Natalie Portman & Cate Blanchette, headlining 42 states, and the release of 5 albums, he still sleeps in his van 90% of the time.

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